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Welcome to the Namwala Cultural and Traditional Trust – NACTT 

We are a not for profit organization registered under the Trustee Act Laws of Zambia. 


We exist to enhance the socio economic, cultural and ecological diversities of the Namwala region of Southern Zambia (whose people are the Ba Ila, an ancient tradition of transhumance pastoralists with its origins in the Stone Age).

We do this by providing focused and efficient research in response to stakeholder-led demand-driven research.

Our Mission

To promote socio economic development and empowerment in the livestock sector while conserving indigenous culture, wildlife, fisheries and ecologies of the Namwala district of Southern Zambia. 

Donate a cow and help alleviate poverty to widows, single mothers and abandoned wives.

Become a member of the Namwala Trust and help reduce poverty, decrease diseases, conserve and protect wildlife and ensure ecological health to the entire Namwala district.

Browse through our list of projects that urgently need your help to achieve lasting positive change in our communities and wildlife.

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