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Namwala LIWI

Namwala-LIWI: Namwala Livestock with Integrated Wildlife Management Trust

The proposed Namwala-LIWI – Namwala Livestock with Integrated Wildlife Management Trust – is a project initiated by Chief Wesley Mukobela of the Namwala District, Southern Province Zambia. The completed institute will enable the communities of Namwala District build capacity to meet the urgent response for sustainable intensification of livestock systems to produce high Beef Value chains. 

Contact us for more details on the project.

Ila Beef – A Value Chain Approach to Livestock Management and Wildlife Conservation

Ila Beef is a livestock trading business, that develops maxim livestock sales opportunities through sustainable grazing management. Farm of 1,000 acres, with a 500 acres under pivot irrigation for Lucerne production. We intend to have a growing trading and prime beef herd, slaughterhouse and packing factory. The project will encompass an area of the NACTT (Namwala Cultural and Traditional Trust) that operates in the Namwala district.  

Ila Beef

Ila Beef Business Purpose

The Ila Beef and Namwala Cultural and Traditional Trust is partnered to ensure the conservation of wildlife and the beef industry of the Ila people under the brand Ila Beef.  Through training and awareness, Ila pastoralists will gain capacity through integrated livestock and wildlife management.

Expected Outcomes of the Ila Beef Project

  1. Improvement of animal husbandry methods of the Ila beef industry

  2. Increasing the productivity of the herd by 25% in the first 5 years

  3. Cattle management through deworming, vaccinating, tickborne disease control, vitamin boosting

  4. Lucerne production to increase grazing capacity

  5. Feed lot and rotational grazing practices

  6. Market access of Ila Beef distribution network to secure direct access to markets for pastoralists

  7. Beef processing opportunities to add more value to beef product through beef packaging

It is the aim of NACTT and Namwala LIWI to create a sustainable platform for the development of the Ila Beef industry.

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